A blog post? What?

The other day my best friend said to me; ‘In college, I think you should start a fashion blog – but not like the usual ones.’ I didn’t say anything but I started thinking about it and the idea really appealed to me. Not exactly a fashion blog – I couldn’t compete with what’s out there – but just somewhere to put out things I’ve discovered, or have been liking or disliking, maybe some fashion, I have no idea! I don’t like talking but I quite like writing, and there’s some comfort in being able to sort of ‘hide’ behind some pictures and text as opposed to baring all in a YouTube video or something.

I have no idea what I’m doing and may fail miserably but I want to try, I havent done anything productive or creative in a long time and i feel like I’m sort of wasting away, so hopefully this is the start of something positive and awesome(?).

Anyway. My name is Ciara, I’m 18, from Ireland and I’ll leave you to figure out the rest in time.